Monster Plumbing College is a plumbing training centre dedicated to narrowing the divide between the actual plumbing work place and the place of training. Monster Plumbing College tutors have a collective industry experience of 75 years and adhere to a thorough and comprehensive curriculum ensuring that all successful Monster Plumbing College graduates are able to effectively utilise their skills and training within the work place.

Monster Plumbing College is an approved, registered training provider awarding successful graduates an internationally recognised Diploma based on the latest available learning material, once they have completed their final CETA evaluation, tests and assessment.

We are an industry market leader due to the fact that the training programme encompasses all of the most important components essential to creating excellent plumbing training graduates.


Getting a fact / practically based training program including the essential theoretical training thereby narrowing the gap between the workplace and the training provider. Guaranteed individual attention – small, focused class room environments will ensure this. Selected students will be offered the possibility of in-house employment.